Борис Маркович

Специалист по лечению заболеваний позвоночника, доктор кайропрактики, бакалавр наук в области биологии человека.

Получил образование по специальности «Врач-кайропрактор» в Северо-Западном Университете Медицинских Наук (США), диплом с отличием.

После окончания университета доктор Веллер успешно практиковал в Чикаго и Нью-Йорке. Также Борис Веллер работал в отделениях физиотерапии, реабилитации и альтернативной медицины ведущих госпиталей США. Кайропрактика – действенный способ излечения широчайшего спектра заболеваний. В марте 2007 года доктор Веллер вернулся в Москву с целью продвижения этой методики в России.


Boris Veller possesses a Doctorate Degree in Chiropractics and a Bachelor's Degree in Human Biology. He received a Doctorate Degree in Chiropractics from the Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and as a Valedictorian of his class. After his graduation Boris has successfully practiced in several private clinics in Chicago and New York.

Dr. Veller can help you with all the following problems and more.

  • Backache

  • Headache

  • Low back pains

  • Neck pains

  • Joints pain - Facial pains

  • Muscular Pains

  • Neuralgia

  • Scoliosis

  • Disk Hernia

  • Temporal-Mandibular Joint Disfunctions

  • Dizziness

  • Vegeto-vascular dystonia

  • Frequent colds

  • Quick fatigability.

The treatment includes:

  • Special technique of spine correction, used to restore its normal functioning

  • Special technique of muscle relaxation

  • Medical massage helping to get rid of muscle spasms

  • Creating and implementing of individual exercise program.

These exercises aim at strengthening the muscle corset, which is important for proper bearing and optimized spine functioning, and, accordingly, prevention of future problems. You may have been visiting a Chiropractor at home, and want to continue the care in Moscow?

You can make an appointment at: or through our web-site.

Отзывы пациентов

I do not know how he does this and I probably do not need to. The key thing is that it works....Having a pain in your spine sometimes makes you feel permanently tired. You literally don't live a normal life and feel permanently exhausted. You think twice before committing yourself for an evening going out as you are not sure you can literally stand this. You sometimes can't sleep - that much it hearts. Dr. Veller really changed my life dramatically. No pain and a different life. I feel different - full of energy, wellbeing and health. I do not know how he does it, but if it hearts, don't waste your time. You do not have to stand this. Life can be different.

Anastassia Beliakova


Boris treated me for ongoing neck, back and hip problems that I have had for many years. His method and style of treatment was very professional and worked very well - keeping my pain at bay and allowing me to do the normal things we all take for granted, including play squash. I referred my wife to him as well, after she woke with very painful back spasms one day, and he alleviated her pain in a couple of treatments and then put her on a preventative maintenance course. She has been good ever since. I have referred other friends to Boris as well, and no-one has ever been less than very happy with the treatment and results that he has achieved for them. Boris is one of the good guys!

David Eley


Поставил меня на ноги буквально за 5 сеансов по нескольку минут. Выше всяких похвал! Нет слов! (Не забывайте переходить на ЗОЖ после лечения)

Вееск Ал


Длительное время мучаюсь со спиной. За это время прошел огромное количество врачей, но до конца проблема не уходила..... Сейчас прохожу лечение у доктора Бориса Веллера. Человек профессионал своего дела!  Всем рекомендую! А еще он очень позитивный и общительный человек!



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